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We are a grass-roots organization of business people, private citizens, educators, government officials, and clergy who live or work in Livingston County. We embrace and advocate the virtues of diversity and inclusion within and for our community.

What is the mission of the Diversity Council?
Our mission is to lead our community to become evermore welcoming, harmonious, and prosperous. Our country was founded on a commitment to equality. We believe that everyone has the right to be judged, rewarded and held accountable on the basis of individual action, regardless of race, creed, gender, disability or sexual orientation. We are committed to upholding these rights for the benefit of all. Further, we believe that the economic and social progress of our community in today’s world is heavily reliant upon successfully embracing diversity and inclusion.

How does the Diversity Council Accomplish this?
We believe that enlightened self-interest is the key to successful change. To that end we work with interested individuals, groups, and organizations to develop and implement programs designed to inform and educate our community of the economic and social value and importance of embracing diversity and inclusion. We speak out against discrimination and work actively to end violations of individual rights.

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